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UL Power Cord Production Specifications
- Jul 24, 2017 -

With the development of economy and technology, we can buy products from all over the world at home, such as American UL power cord, but because of the lack of safe use knowledge, there are many mistakes in the use of the place, there is a great security hidden trouble. What do you need to pay attention to when using the American UL power cord?

Before using the American UL power cord, we should know that the United States UL power cord production specifications and domestic power cord production specifications are not the same, in the requirements of the voltage and the domestic power line has a great difference, American UL Power Cord so before use must look at the use of manuals, to understand some considerations.

For the use of electrical appliances also pay attention to the use of the United States power cord to connect electrical appliances, to ensure that the U.S. power line voltage can meet the needs of electrical appliances. If you can not meet the needs of electrical appliances, there will be short-circuit phenomenon, causing electrical damage.

American UL power line distribution line. Plugs, sockets, American UL Power Cord lighting fittings and other facilities need to be maintained in good condition for aging, cracked and damaged parts needed to be replaced; the power cord may not be on the ground to eliminate the damaged insulating layer. Laying room wiring, firewire, 0 lines need to sign, to be the same as the wire, prohibit the wrong connection. American UL Power Cord Wiring bans are immediately laid on combustible materials, such as wiring must be in planks as well as porcelain clip porcelain beads.

The above is the United States UL power cord use points, and the United States UL Power Cord Plug Copper sheet must have rubber sets, two-core line printing lines to express the line of fire; Polar Plug pin big for the 0 line, small foot for the FireWire (the power line concave and convex face for zero, line round surface for the FireWire).

People for the United States UL power cord requirements also began to become higher and more, American UL Power Cord particularly the safety of this aspect, then in the day-to-day use of the process how to prevent the UL power line to occur?

1, we should regularly clean it, to prevent excessive dust caused by the United States UL power line natural problems.

2, the United States UL power cord must be kept dry, do not be wet, American UL Power Cord resulting in lower insulation, resulting in short-circuit, causing harm.

3, when we are free, we must check it to see if there is any damage to the outer epidermis, which is the insulating layer. If there is a damage phenomenon, should be immediately dealt with to avoid causing harm.

4, in the purchase, it is best to choose with fire-retardant. In this way, even in the vicinity of its fire, the United States will be bandaged flame retardant material of the UL power cord and fire isolation, can avoid being burned, causing greater damage.

The above is the United States UL Power line fire prevention skills, you know? Everyone in the choice of the time also want to know different electrical wiring with different power lines, American UL Power Cord and the United States UL power lines are a variety of types, so we must understand the distinction.