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The Power Line Is The Wire Used To Transmit The Current
- Jun 28, 2017 -

The power line is the wire that transmits the current. Usually the way the current is transmitted is point-to-point transmission. Power lines in accordance with the use can be divided into AC AC power lines and DC DC power lines, AC power cord is usually through the higher voltage AC wire, this type of wire due to the need for uniform high voltage standard safety certification can be formally produced. Power Cord The DC line is basically through the lower voltage of the DC, so the safety requirements and no AC line strict, but for safety reasons, countries or require uniform security certification.

Power lines in the wire and cable industry, the amount is very large, such as mechanical equipment with power lines, home appliances with power lines, electrical appliances, charging devices, lighting, instrumentation, etc. are inseparable from the use of power lines. The power cord is used to transmit the current wire, Power Cord the power line according to the use of classified two, AC AC power cord and DC AC power cord. AC AC power cord is a high transmission voltage AC wire, this wire because the voltage is relatively high need to obtain a unified standard safety certification in order to conduct a formal production. While the DC DC power line is through the low voltage of the DC wire, so the safety requirements in this area without AC power cord strict. 1. Universal rubber plastic power cord: for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V and below the power, lighting, electrical equipment, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment, Power Cord the connection and the internal installation line; 2. Rubber plastic soft power cord: mainly for the Light mobile appliances (household appliances, power tools, etc.), instrumentation, power lighting connection; working voltage for the exchange of 750V and below, most of the exchange 300C level. 3. Shielded insulated power cord: shielded power cord performance requirements: basic with the same power cord does not shield the requirements. 4. Universal rubber sheathed power cord: Universal rubber sheathed rubber power cord for a wide range of applications for all types of electrical equipment required for mobile connections can be applied to the general occasions, including industrial and agricultural sectors used in the electrical movement Device connection. 5. Mine rubber power cord: mainly suitable for mining industry ground and underground equipment dedicated rubber power cord products, related to mining drill rubber power cord, communications and lighting equipment with rubber power cord, mining and transport rubber power cord, Power Cord cap lights Rubber power lines, underground mobile substation power supply power supply line. 6. Seismic rubber power cord: Mainly applicable to land use: small diameter, light weight, soft, wear, bending resistance, weather resistance, water resistance, anti-interference, good insulation performance, easy to identify the core, complete sets of organization convenience. 7. Twisted pair power cord: For twisted pair, the user is most concerned about the performance of several indicators of its performance. These indicators include attenuation, near-end crosstalk, impedance characteristics, distributed capacitance, DC resistance and so on. 8. Control signal Rubber power cord: used to control the measurement system, so the rubber power cord safety and reliable work, the signal rubber power line current is generally 4A below, control the rubber power line as the main equipment circuit when the current slightly larger, so you can Select cross section according to line voltage drop and mechanical performance