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The Correct Connection Of The Power Cord
- Jul 12, 2017 -

Power cord selection, in fact, just remember a few very simple formula, these problems will be solved. In the choice of power lines, the equipment power must be known, with this known conditions, Power Cord the use of three-phase AC power formula, the current will be obtained, the formula:

P (electric power) = √3 × 380 (three-phase voltage) × I (current) × cosφ, the formula cosφ for the inductive load reactive power loss, conservative some of the constant 0.85 can:

√3 = 1.732 This is the basic mathematical knowledge, the current (I) derived:

I = P (power) / √3x380 × 0.85 (cosφ), with the current, the power wire diameter to find out (note that this is the power line diameter, not the cross-sectional area, the power line specifications are all cross-sectional area Said). Line diameter formula:

D = 0.8 × √I, and then use the power cord diameter, Power Cord the power line cross-sectional area to find out, this is the mathematical formula: radius × radius × 3.14; Well, this count finished, the use of power cord specifications to find out The

Very simple, you need to remember two formulas, one:

P (electric power) = √3 × 380 (three-phase voltage) × I (current) × cosφ

Another formula: d = 0.8 × √I.

Hydropower in the decoration has been more concerned about the issue, such as water pipes, power lines, installation are not directly affect the quality of life after the home. Xiaobian next to introduce the next household power cord to the correct connection ~

Power line connection in the decoration is a very important skill, but also the most basic knowledge of the electricians. But for us the layman's words are more professional, Power Cord and today Xiaobian give you talk about home power line connection, through the way to let everyone understand the household power cord connection and precautions. So that if the circumstances permit, we can also own power lines to connect.

1 Usually we see the power cord connection is the case, the power cord inside the copper wire staggered, winding. So as to ensure that the power cord connector does not occur ignition, Power Cord short circuit or poor contact with the phenomenon. This is the most basic skills of each electrician and many are not electric people know.

2 This solution is relatively rare, and its main line can not be cut off. Attached to the power cord around the main line winding 6 - 8 laps. Power lines appear ignition, short circuit, bad contact is very serious, it is very simple to deal with, the power cord ignition and short circuit is because there is no correct wiring caused by the wiring loosened, the high load current will pass Ion, ion ions resembling each other like welding welding, while the temperature is also rising, and soon, if you can stick on the power, Power Cord can not pass the formation of a short circuit.

3 Regardless of the kind of connection to connect the power cord need to dock a good power cord for a simple treatment, and this simple processing is often in the connection location paste insulation lining. This is very important. Most of his role in the insulation but also the role of fire. So that I can get a safe electricity to a minimum.

4 just talked about the use of insulating tape alone is the most common method, although not very good, but it is very convenient and time-saving. And there is another way is to use sets of lines to take. This line is a small tool dedicated to the power line connection. Very use, and very safe. Generally used sets of lines do not have insulation tape.

5 power cord connection must be sorted orderly, Power Cord and different lines to do a different mark. Easy to maintain and check. Generally need high-voltage lines and low-voltage lines need to be marked, and FireWire often use red power cord, zero line king dig a blue. As for the ground some of the use of gray and some use yellow. This facilitates late maintenance.

6 for the power line connection Xiaobian through a graphical way to understand you so much. Although we learned the way of these wiring, and it sounds very simple. But if not necessary, then we encountered in the case of the need for wiring or professional staff of the good comparison. This is also to consider the safety of life