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The Advantages Of Flexible Cables
- Dec 20, 2016 -

1. drag chain cable laying cannot twist, that is from the reel or drum at one end of the cable to unlock cables, cables should be spinning reel or drum, if necessary, cables or hang up. Cable for that occasion only directly obtained from the cable drum

2. it is important to note that the minimum bending radius of the cable. (The relevant information can be found in the selection tables)

3. the cable must be loose laid side-by-side in drag chain, arranged separate as far as possible, separated by a spacer, or into separate holes in the overhead block, drag chain cables in the space between the cable diameter should be at least 10%

4. drag chain cable must not touch each other or stuck together.

5. the two cables must be fixed, or at least movement in the drag chain ends must be fixed. General cable moved some distance from the end of the towline should be 20-30 times the cable diameter.

6. make sure that the bending radius of the cable completely and cannot be forced to move. Cable guide unit or with each other, this can be relatively mobile. After a period of operation, it is best to check the position of the cable. This check must be carried out after the push-and-pull is moved.

7. If the towline snapped, the cable needs to be replaced, damaged due to excessive stretching can not be avoided.