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Swiss Power Cord Is Safe
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Switzerland Power Cord Details

1. Switzerland Power Cord Materials used: plastic wire or rubber wire or braided line or silicone rubber wire and copper

2. Swiss power cord temperature: High temperature 70℃-200 ℃, low temperature-30 ℃

3. Switzerland Power Cord Outside diameter range: 5.3mm-15mm

4. Swiss power cord use: air-conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, induction cooker, electric cooker, electric fans, irons, microwave ovens, computers, submersible pumps, Switzerland Power Cord lamps and other size household appliances, power tools and industrial electrical equipment.

Advantages of Swiss power line

Good safety performance, high reliability, Switzerland Power Cord safety in accordance with the application of safety certification standards and procedures for production.

1. Low-altitude load and standby energy loss, in line with national level five energy-saving standards.

2. Good anti-interference performance, built-in anti-EMI filter.

3. The input voltage range is wide, all is 100-240v, Switzerland Power Cord conforms to the global use standard.

4. The first class insulation performance is good, the high-frequency transformer 100% uses the vacuum to soak.

5. Full load high-temperature burning machine, 100% aging test.

6. With short-circuit, overload, over voltage protection function (can be automatically restored).

7. All materials do not contain (and do not exceed the regulations, limits) of the European Limited/banned cadmium, chromium, lead, Mercury, PBB, PBDE six of toxic substances.