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Standard For Power Lines
- Aug 25, 2017 -

The power line is the wire that transmits the current. Usually the way the current is transmitted is point-to-point transmission.

Power lines in accordance with the purpose can be divided into AC AC power lines and DC DC power lines, usually the power line is through the higher voltage AC wire, Power Cord such wire due to the need for uniform high voltage standard safety certification can be formally produced. The DC line is basically through the lower voltage of the DC, so the safety requirements and no AC line strict, but for safety reasons, the current countries or require uniform security certification.

Usually each country on the power line specifications have a clear description, Power Cord if you do not meet the power line specifications, then you can not let the power line in the market up circulation, which has the national standard power cord, if not exposed to this industry Of friends, do not know what the national standard power line standard, the following Xiaobian tell you it:

1, appearance: the appearance of the power cord and packaging has a clear provision. In line with the national standard power cord must be certified signs, manufacturers, wire diameter and other product description written clearly. Power Cord At present, the market most of the popular power lines are not meet the appearance requirements, not without the manufacturer is not marked certification mark. Once the absence of these external instructions, Power Cord then it does not belong to the national standard power cord.

2, mechanical strength: the general national standard power line mechanical strength must be high. Because of its wide range of use, some of the range of its relatively high mechanical strength, Power Cord so if you do not meet the standard, then you can not use.

3, jacket insulation: GB power cord insulation performance is also relatively high, the general jacket insulation is generally greater than 100MΩ, pressure strength must be 1500V the following.

4, line resistance: generally in line with the national standard power cord resistance is a strict standard diameter, conductivity, resistance. If not satisfied in these three areas, Power Cord then the power line can not be used to do the national standard, otherwise it will give users more trouble.

5, high and low temperature: because the power cord to use the environment is different, but they all have the same characteristics, that is, must have a good resistance to high and low temperature performance. Power Cord General power line in the high temperature impact of 159 degrees below the low temperature below minus 34 degrees Celsius and no cracks and other phenomena, then you can make the power cord in line with national standard.

The above is the standard of the national standard power line, because the production of different countries, power lines, specifications and voltage requirements are very different, so be sure to use the manual before use to understand some of the matters needing attention.