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Selection Of Power Cord
- Jun 14, 2017 -

The quality of the power cord on the market is not the same, and the materials used in different places are different. At the same time, some businesses have the phenomenon of cutting corners. So in the purchase of RVV jacket power cord must understand the product parameters, after buying to remember to measure their own parameters under the parameters provided by the business. Here we teach you how to choose the right power cord.

1. Power cord length

When measuring the length of the power cord, do not just look at the number of meters at the end, because the interval between the inkjet printer can be adjusted every time, the length of the interval between the code to determine the different length of the interval. Power Cord Adjacent meters between the length of 100cm is enough rice, less than 100cm is less than rice.

2. Copper wire size

Usually should pay attention to the size of a single copper wire, such as RVV power cord has enough core and less than the core, and some businesses will be a single copper wire and root out. You can count the number of copper wire, and the size of the calipers under the caliper, buy back, you should carefully count the value is not marked by the business.

3. Copper core quality

The power line on the market is divided into oxygen-free copper, copper clad aluminum. Copper clad aluminum is very soft, oxygen-free copper material slightly hard, with roasted words, copper clad aluminum quickly softened. Copper is not copper, is a kind of aluminum, Power Cord it is plated outside the aluminum layer of copper, this material when the wire is easy to heat or short circuit caused a fire.

Each home decoration are inseparable from the use of power cord layout, in general, we are using the national standard model of the wire, mainly with copper material as a jacket. In the purchase of copper power cord, you need to pay attention to the purchase of high-quality wire, Power Cord because some copper wire core selection is recycled copper, that kind of thing contains a variety of impurities, improper use can cause electrical accidents, causing danger.

Usually there will be a lot of home switch socket, the connection of the power cord is thin and thick. According to the situation is different, household electricity is also different but in the design of home appliances test, energy efficiency should be taken into account, otherwise the electric power is too high, the cost of electricity.

In the power cord installation, are generally hidden in the wall inside. Installation requirements to maintain horizontal and vertical, reduce the bending, if the ground laying should be covered with wood or cement mortar. Power cord protection tube as far as possible using the tube. In terms of circuit control, the piping to wear the wire and the gas pipe and other gas transmission pipes should be kept at a parallel spacing of not less than 400mm. For the house wire due to improper heating caused by the insulation of the power line aging, Power Cord and anti-wire generated by the static electricity will also affect the gas pipeline.

Second, the electrical outlet should choose protective type, the configuration should not be less than the following provisions:

(1) single bedroom with single-phase poles and single-phase three-pole combination of two socket, single-phase three-pole air conditioning socket one;

(2) living room, double bedroom and master bedroom with single-phase poles and single-phase three-pole combination of three socket, single-phase three-pole air conditioning socket one;

(3) the kitchen set single-phase poles and single-phase three-pole combination socket and single-phase triode with a switch socket, and in the vicinity of the height of the exhaust device at the single-phase three-pole socket;

(4) bathroom with single-phase poles and single-phase three-pole combination of a socket, a washing machine bathroom, should increase the single-phase triode with a socket, toilet outlet should be used splash.

Third, the home appliance wire or socket switch maximum load current indicators, the current commonly used indicators are 16A and 10A two, 16 amps are mainly used for air conditioning line dedicated, 10 amp for other places. 10A means that the line is the longest working time of 10 amps, which is to ensure that 220 * 10 = 2200 watts of electrical appliances for a long time, so we have to count, do not have a lot of power on a large number of electrical appliances Use, more than 2000 watts may be dangerous, easy to make electrical contact aging, wire temperature, they might burn the electrical or even brew a fire.

Fourth, the line of fire, the zero line, the difference between the ground, the line with 220V voltage, we often say that the electric shock is encountered FireWire, test pen can try out, usually red. The zero line is the line with the line of fire, they form a power circuit, the zero line is not dangerous, touch will not be electricity, it is usually black. Ground is a safe line, it is connected to one end of the earth, one end connected to the three jacks in the middle of the socket, almost all of the three plugs of electrical appliances are connected to the ground, so Once the electrical leakage, will flow along the shell to the earth, Power Cord not electricity to the people, so the ground is used to protect the electrical and your own safety, it is usually used yellow and green color line or yellow line as a mark. Ground can not be mixed with the zero line, can not be omitted. Although it can be omitted to ensure that electrical work, but there is no security.

Fifth, we have to say that the ordinary socket line, the ordinary socket line can be used in parallel socket mode, and can use 2.5 square feet, it can be safe for a long time the number of current is 10A, the maximum load power of 2200 watts. Can be based on their own power to estimate the total power of the socket can withstand, if you can not afford, be sure to cloth a single line to the total gate.