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Power Line To Determine The True And False Skills
- Oct 24, 2017 -

It is desirable to take a wire head repeatedly bent by hand, all feel soft, good anti-fatigue strength, plastic or rubber feel high elasticity and no insulation on the wire insulator is excellent. Fake low-quality power line producers in order to obtain profits, regardless of the interests of consumers in general, mass production of inferior power cord products, disrupt the power line market, damage the interests of the majority of users. Therefore, the correct choice of power cord is very important, what kind of product is in line with national standards? Power Cord In line with the national standard requirements of the power line enterprises, in order to improve product quality, to ensure that products meet national standards, in the purchase of raw materials, production equipment, production technology, etc. will be strict checks. Therefore, a good power line brand production of power cord products are in line with the standard requirements: smooth round, uniform color. Power Cord While the appearance of counterfeit inferior products is rough and dull. For rubber insulation soft power, requiring the appearance of round, sheath, insulation, the conductor is not easy to peel off. The counterfeit inferior product appearance rough, large oval, jacket insulation strength is low, hand can tear off. Fourth, the conductor shiny, DC resistance, conductor structure size in line with national standards. In line with the national standard requirements of the power cord products, Power Cord whether it is aluminum material conductor, or copper material conductors are relatively bright, no oil, so the conductor of the DC resistance in full compliance with national standards, with good electrical conductivity, high security. Its fifth, accurate length. Power Cord The length is the main intuitive way of distinguishing products that meet the requirements of national standards and counterfeit inferior products. In line with national standards for the length of the power cord products in line with national standards 100 ± 0.5m (that is, 100 meters as the standard, allowing the error of 0.5 meters) to protect the interests of consumers.

At present, in the power line sales market, some manufacturers in order to attract users, mislead consumers, actually regardless of the state standard products 100 meters per lap, the product (especially plastic line) made 90 meters, damage the interests of consumers , Disrupting the power line sales market. Why do these manufacturers make the product 90 meters sales? The reason is less 10 meters, lower prices, misleading consumers. For example, Power Cord a wire factory production of PVC insulated copper core plastic line BV2.5㎜2, the certificate printed on the length of 90 meters, the actual length of 82 meters; such a circle BV2.5㎜2 sales price of 50 yuan , Compared to meet the standard production of BV2.5 mm2 qualified products around 100 meters of the market price of 70-80 yuan less 20-30 yuan. Contrary to the national standard, seriously damaged the interests of consumers, Power Cord while disrupting the power line sales market. So consumers in the purchase of power cord when you must be careful to prevent access to power lines to buy errors.

First of all, do not covet cheap. This is a considerable part of the user, and even some companies use the power cord there is a more common misunderstanding. Some users in order to save money, ignore the safety, sorting those low prices, the quality is not guaranteed, the accident hidden big power line. We know that due to the safety of the power cord and other factors, resulting in the price of the power cord can not meet the requirements of some users. And some individual and private enterprises in the selection, production technology, testing means and other aspects can not be manufactured to meet the national standard requirements of the power cord, Power Cord its security will not be guaranteed, coupled with the article on the short run, with its low price Full of the market, to meet some users. So please do not want consumers to cheap cheap power cord. Electricity safety has always been the focus of people's lives has been the topic, so the purchase of power lines can not be ignored.