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Power Line Structure Size To Meet National Standards
- Sep 18, 2017 -

First, identify the certificate. When purchasing, be sure to check whether the certificate has a "CCC" certification mark, model specifications, rated voltage, length, date of manufacture, certification number, inspection, implementation standards, factory name, Power Cord site and other logo is clear.

Second, pay attention to packaging. When purchasing attention to packaging to be fine, print to be clear, model specifications, factory name, site and so complete.

Third, look at the product appearance. When buying, pay attention to see the appearance of smooth round, uniform color, feel good. If the rubber power cord, jacket, Power Cord insulation can be used to burn cigarette butts, and the surface completely no damage.

Fourth, check the power cord. Power cord to have a certain degree of gloss and moderate flexibility, the power line structure to meet the national standard size requirements.

Fifth, check the length. When purchasing, do not covet the cheap, choose to have 90m or 80m, Power Cord or even the length of the identification of the power cord, the length must meet the 100 ± 0.5m standard requirements.

Power cord from the power cord, insulation, shielding and protective layer of four parts.

(1) power cord

The power line is the conductive part of the power line, used to transport power, Power Cord is the main part of the power line.

(2) Insulation layer

Insulation layer is the power cord and the earth and the different phase of the power line between the electrical isolation from each other to ensure that power transmission is the power cord structure is an indispensable part.

(3) shielding layer

15KV and above the power cord generally have power cord shielding and insulation shielding.

(4) protective layer

The role of the protective layer is to protect the power cord from external impurities and moisture intrusion, Power Cord and to prevent external damage to the power cable.