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Power Line Standards And Functions
- May 31, 2017 -

The power cord is the wire that transmits the current, and the copper wire is the core of the power cord. Usually the way the current is transmitted is point-to-point transmission. Power Cord Power line according to the use can be divided into AC AC power cord and DC DC power line, usually AC power line is through the high voltage of the AC wire, this type of wire due to the need for uniform high voltage standard safety certification can be formally produced. The DC line is basically through the lower voltage of the DC, so the safety requirements and no AC line strict, but for safety reasons, Power Cord the current countries or require uniform security certification.

Power cord color standards and functions

For three core lines

L pole: is the fire line.

Commonly used core color: black or brown (some companies called brown, brown), Power Cord the US regulatory regulations often use these two colors, European regulations with brown (brown, brown)

N pole: then zero line.

Common core color: white, red, light blue. US regulatory regulations often use these three colors, Power Cord European regulations with light blue

E pole: ground wire.

Commonly used core color: green or green yellow (some companies called yellow green or green yellow, yellow green), the US regulatory regulations are commonly used in these two colors, many companies use the green between the yellow.

When we buy the power cord, cable can often be resolved to see the power cord, the cable printed on the RVVP, RVV and other English letters at the beginning of a channeling letters, Power Cord many people get to clear their meaning. In fact, they are the table of the power lines, cable models and uses, the following we (Austrian power line) for everyone to explain how many commonly used wire and cable representation of the use.