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Power Cords Play A Huge Role In Transmission
- Aug 15, 2017 -

The structure and function of the power cord

As long as there is an electrical place, can see the power line figure, these thin long wire, connected with a variety of machinery and equipment operation and daily life operation, don't look at its small body, but linked to all aspects of life, without it, power to human civilization will not play so incisively.

Speaking of the power line, the most popular way is to transmit the current of the medium, is to send the current to the need to operate the machinery and equipment, Power Cord for home appliances, machinery, such as the operation to improve sufficient power. The structure of the power cord is simple, it is composed of outer sheath, inner sheath and conduction current conductor:

1, outer sheath is the outermost layer of protective cover, has a good performance, Power Cord can withstand high temperature, cold and so on, the internal conductive medium plays a very good protective effect.

2, the inner sheath is the so-called insulating layer, composed of insulating material, cut off the current contact with the outside world, Power Cord to prevent the use of leakage and other conditions in the process of occurrence.

3, the conductor is thin wire, generally consists of copper, aluminum and other metal materials, is the core part of the power cord, to undertake the task of transmission current. The power cord is in this simple structure, the realization of the current and power equipment connection, transmission. Modern civilization can not be separated from the power, from the big business operation to small aspects of family life, once no electricity, Power Cord people do not know how to live. The power cord is just a small, humble accessory for electrical equipment, but it plays a huge role in transmission. Without the power cord, like the city without the road, traffic will be a problem, the results of human civilization can not be enjoyed by the world. So do not underestimate the common small power line everywhere, it is to facilitate the life of human power to contribute their own energy.