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Major Causes Of The Shield There Were:
- Dec 20, 2016 -

1, shield terminating the electric field e is the meaning on the surface and introduced to shield, thus separating the influence of electric, the shield protecting shield within the cable from the external electric field disturbance, control cables, communication cables, computer and instrument cable is of great significance.

2, as we all know, generates a magnetic field when current is flowing, after the current larger, stronger magnetic field, in order to prevent the generation of magnetic fields affect surrounding equipment or devices, so increased shielding, magnetic field to make sure that shielded cables.

3 the leakage protection, shielding layer may play a role. If in the cable is broken, resulting in leakage, the shield can be leaked current to the ground wire, play a security role. , It also has a protective role of conductor. Special is that the control cable used in the process flow of currents are generally not very big, but it still has the shielding layer. Control cable with the main function of the shielding layer is used to shield control cable of outside influences. Because the control signals over cable, subject to outside influences, the volatile, so adding shielding layer, which in turn protect internal control cable. And this is the best effect for the control cable shielding layer.