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LAN Cabling Technology
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Comprehensive wiring technologies 1. wiring standards

This LAN technology means TIA/EIA-568-A the wiring specification (commercial building telecommunications cabling standard) and ISO/IEC11801:1995 (e) standard. Cabling standards including the wiring topology, performance, parts, installation, and on-site testing. Telecommunications standards associated with many, such as ATMForum, CC99vT, CENELEC, IEEEANSI802, etc.

2. Cabling topology structure of TIA/EIA-568-A and ISO/IEC11801 wiring wiring system based on the same basic structure, its system structure in the strict and clear definitions in the standard. Wiring system, including cables, patch cords, as well as for horizontal cabling, backbone cabling within buildings and complexes the main wiring connector. Structured cabling support wiring terminations, while using the patch cord is easily connected to the device or cross-connect.

3. Wiring distance in standard has strict rules for cabling distance (horizontal cabling < 90 meters, building skeleton < 500 m, Park trunk < 1500 m), cabling distance depends on the actual work area (the building floor area). Backbone cabling distance based on the practical application of the qualifying distance.

4. Performance in both TIA/EIA-568-A and ISO/IEC11801 wiring standard, 100-ohm UTP are divided into 3 categories according to their performance: provided for the 16MHz;4 class: 20MHz;5 class/5E class on the provisions: provisions for the 100MHz;6 class: provides 250MHz.