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Korea Power Cord Has Sophisticated Technology
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Korea power cord is a bipolar without grounding plug bracket

Korea power cord is also called plug inside mold, Korea Power Cord plug inside the frame, plug accessories;

Korea power cord, has a mature technology, Korea Power Cord and through a variety of certification (such as VDE, RoHS, KE, etc. certification), has also achieved high-volume production capacity.

The technical parameters of the Korean power cord are as follows:

1. Current voltage: 3A, 250V

2. Safety Standard: iec/en 60884, KSC 830

3. Pin Length: 31±0.2

4. Pin Diameter: 4.8MM

5. Copper Material: h62-h65, lead-free, Korea Power Cord EU environmental protection

6. Plastic Material: 30% glass fiber reinforced flame retardant PBT;

7. Product Color: Black/white.

Korea power cord can be applied to the following countries:

Egypt, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Cameroon, Croatia, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Morocco, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Thailand, Czech Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, Hungary, Viet Nam.