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How To Use Video In Video Surveillance?
- Dec 20, 2016 -

On this issue, a lot of people nuts, here are some simple introduction to this problem, is available. Transport plays an important role in the monitoring system, different distances from cost considerations, select different wire sizes, with video transmission in a transmission line, cable, optical fiber; I explain to you if you select the appropriate video cable. SyV meaning solid PE insulation coaxial cable, code-named RF cable GB-also called "video cable is" 75 representatives of resistance, followed by 3 and 5 representatives of the insulation diameter (3mm/5mm)

SYV S---coaxial RF cable, Y---PE, PVC V---. SYV75-3 transport within 300 meters of good results. SYV75-5 transmission is better in the 800 meters. how to use video surveillance in the video generally refers to video cables to TV cable, can also be used for security surveillance cameras in the area of line. 75-3 transmission distance of 100 meters 300.75-meter-7 distance 500--800 distance 75-5 meters 75-9 distance of 1000---1500 m 75-12 distance of 2000----3500 m. If your monitoring system camera and VCR to just 100 meters, 75-3 video cable can be used, at the time of purchase may also ask businesses. If more than 100 meters. Can choose from 75-5 video cable. Note to select the shield is copper mesh or aluminum mesh, the shield is a series of number, series number, of course, the distance of transmission is much.

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