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European Vde Power Cord Specifications Models
- Jun 28, 2017 -

European vde power cord introduction

①, Europe vde power cord: also known as the French standard plug called pipe plug

(Germany); FI (Finland); IM (Finland); N (Norway); S (Sweden); VDE (Germany); FI (Finland); IM (Finland); (Italy); KEMA (Netherlands); CEBEC (Belgium).

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②, Europe vde power line logo that with code: H05VV □□ F 3G 0.75mm2:

H: Indicates European regulations, EU logo

05: indicates that the European vde power cord compressive strength (03: 300V 05: 500V)

VV: the front V surface wire core insulation layer, after V said the European vde power cord sheath insulation layer, VV such as: with RR said that the rubber insulation layer, such as VV: with N for chloroprene rubber;

□ □: before "□" special with code, after "□" that the flat line, European VDE Power Cord such as adding H2 that the two lines of flat lines;

F: indicates that the line is a soft line

3: Indicates the number of internal cores

G: Indicates ground

0.75mA: indicates the cross-sectional area of the European vde power cord

③, PVC: material refers to strengthen the insulation of the material high temperature below 80 ℃, the software PVC and 78 ° 55 ° hardness, the greater the number of harder the higher the temperature, European VDE Power Cord the higher the temperature of the rubber line can withstand the following 200 ℃ , Using the same software hardness (PVC) soft line.

European vde power cord plug is ripe, the following to introduce the next:

1. European vde power cord copper, aluminum monofilament drawing

Europe vde power cord commonly used copper, aluminum rods, at room temperature, the application of wire drawing machine through a or a few road drawing die die hole, European VDE Power Cord so that the cross-section reduction, the length of the increase in strength. Drawing is the wire and cable company's first process, drawing the primary process parameters is with the mold technology.

2. European vde power cord monofilament annealing

Copper, aluminum monofilament in the heating to the inevitable temperature, to recrystallize the method to improve the toughness of monofilament, reducing the strength of monofilaments to meet the requirements of wire and cable conductive wire core. The annealing process is the root of the oxidation of copper wire.

3. European vde power cord conductor twist

In order to improve the flexibility of the European vde power cord, in order to lay the device, the conductive wire core to accept a number of single strand twisted together. European VDE Power Cord From the twisted wire of the conductive wire, it can be divided into regular twist and non-regular stranding. Non-regular twist is divided into beam twist, heart twisted together, extraordinary twist and so on. In order to reduce the occupied area of the wire, reduce the geometric size of the European vde power cord, in the twisted conductor is also used to compact the way, so that the popular round variation for the semicircle, fan, tile and compact round. European VDE Power Cord This conductor is mainly used in the European vde power line.

4. European vde power cord insulation extrusion

Plastic Europe vde power cord mainly used to squeeze solid insulation layer, plastic insulation extrusion of the first technical requirements:

4.1. Partial bias: The deviation of the thickness of the insulation thickness is the main mark of the degree of extrusion, and most of the product size and its bias values are well understood in the specification.

4.2. Lubrication: The appearance of the extruded insulation requires lubrication, no appearance of rough, charred, impurity quality problems

4.3. Density: Extruded insulation of the cross-section to be dense and robust, European VDE Power Cord forbidden to see the naked eye pinhole, the root of the existence of bubbles.