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European Vde Power Cord Has Become The Necessities Of Life
- Nov 02, 2017 -

In this era of electricity, no one is the European vde power cord, and even the factory or store, so the power cord has become the necessities of life; now many families are using the European VDE power cord, but people in use Need to pay attention to some points, what is it?

European VDE power cord Features:

1, to avoid strong voltage: weak signal is a low voltage signal, European VDE Power Cord its resistance to interference is poor, if encountered weak European vde power cord should avoid strong European vde power cord; in accordance with national standards, the European VDE power cord and TV Line or other voltage strong power lines to maintain a certain distance. In the case of

2, pay attention to moisture: In general, the European VDE power lines are often in the roof or under the floor under the power, in order to moisture and replacement of the convenience, these lines should be added to the outside of a strong casing, European VDE Power Cord and before the casing Check for short circuit or break. In the case of

3, set the focus of the plug: taking into account the quality and needs of family life, usually in each living room, the bedroom will be buried two phone and multi-level Internet access, so to set up a few European VDE power cord easy to use. In the case of

The above is the use of European VDE power cord safety knowledge, and usually the European VDE power cord core color is usually two core: brown (FireWire), blue (zero line), three core: brown (FireWire), blue (zero Line), yellow green (ground).

European vde power cord structure and dimensions

European vde power cord conductor H03VH7-H should meet the GB / T3956 in the provisions of the first six conductors; the remaining models of the European vde power line should be consistent with GB / T3956 in the provisions of the fifth conductor.

Insulation, sheath and dimensions should be specified.

The elliptical rate (f value) of the circular European vde power cord shall not exceed 15% of the specified upper limit of the average outer diameter.

Round European vde power cord core must be cable, European VDE Power Cord cable pitch no requirement.

Voltage test

Finished European vde power line voltage test, take the finished European vde power cord length of 15m, European VDE Power Cord should withstand 2000V, 20 ℃ ± 5 ℃ immersion 1h voltage test 15min no breakdown.

For the finished product directly used to suppress the plug of the European vde power cord, in the delivery state should be between the core to withstand 2500V 50Hz 1s no breakdown or flashover.

Whether qualified, European VDE Power Cord flooding voltage test the following method.

Using a high-pressure test stand, the voltage is applied in turn between each other conductor and water connected to each conductor pair,

The voltage is then applied between all the conductors and the water that are connected together.

Normal voltage test, with a high-pressure test bed, the voltage applied in turn to test between the core.

The insulation resistance of the European vde power cord should be greater than the specified values in Table 1-3.

Q / ALS2505.4-2003

Whether qualified, according to the following methods:

Using a 5m long core sample test. The sample has been subjected to the flooding voltage test described in Section 3.3 beforehand.

The samples were immersed in water preheated to the test temperature. European VDE Power Cord The measured water at each end of the test piece was about 0.25 m, the water temperature was 70 ℃ ± 5 ℃, the heat-resistant European vde power line was 90 ℃ ± 5 ℃, 2h, and then between the conductor and water to apply 80 ~ 500V DC voltage, power after 1min measured insulation resistance, European VDE Power Cord if less than 5m finished European vde power cord does not do this project.

4 logo

European vde power line logo should be correct, the logo should include the European vde power cord model, specifications, factory name (English name) and VDE or other countries in the EU certification mark. The distance between the end of a complete mark and the beginning of the next mark shall not exceed 500 mm and the conductor shall not be greater than 275 mm.

Logo can be printed in ink, can also be used to punch or die in Europe vde power cord surface. Logo handwriting clear, and resistant to rub.

Whether the qualified, marked with the visual method; spacing measured in meters; rubbing test, with a group of immersion cotton or cotton cloth gently wipe 10 times, European VDE Power Cord sign the writing should still be clearly visible. The pressed mark does not carry out the scratch resistance test.

Length, color and packaging requirements

European vde power cord length, color and packaging should meet the order requirements. Length deviation is not allowed to have a negative difference, the positive difference according to the length as follows:

The European vde power cord is less than 5m; ; The length of 20-50m European vde power cord, the difference should not be greater than 50mm; 50m above the European vde power cord, the difference should not be greater than 0.5%.

Whether qualified, length measured in meters; color and packaging requirements with visual method. The customer has a special request for the color, European VDE Power Cord the application of the sample color samples for comparative observation.