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Characteristics Description Of The Various Cable Jacketing
- Dec 20, 2016 -

All along, the industry for network cable jacketing debated, such as the skin can meet the standard of fire-retardant low smoke or? Whether to contain high ignition point, fire resistance, but in the fire releases toxic gases halogens? Network cabling professionals, the majority of Internet users, and even in different areas of the standards organizations, there are differences. With the integration of voice, data and images into one, the coming of age of multimedia, broadband, converged network, network cabling a household word, correctly understand the composition and characteristics of network data cable jacketing, about the builders and users of the network in the future work and life are very important.

Skin selection and the standard for network data cable, North American and European standards organizations and manufacturers just as they adopted for UTP FTP shielding products, has been a debate, no leeway. At present, North America, South America, Asia-Pacific and China are based on the North American cable fire safety standards UL and NEC, are used in parts of Europe with low halogen and low smoke halogen-free-friendly cable standards.