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Ccc Power Line Typical Structure
- Jun 14, 2017 -

C) Rated voltage 450 / 750V and below the rubber insulated wire and cable; d) Rated voltage 450 (c) Power supply cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, cable, / 750V and below PVC insulated wire and cable.

Ccc power cord main models of the typical structure are:

Single core hard conductor without sheathed cable 227 IEC01 (BV) BLV

CCC Power Cord Single core flexible conductor without sheathed cable 227 IEC02 (RV)

Lightweight, plain sheathed cord 227 IEC52 (RVV) 227 IEC53 (RVV)

PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat cable BVVB BLVVB

Connection with soft wire (twist type) RVS

Installation (soft) wire AV

Shielded wire RVVP

Elevator wire TVVB

② rated voltage 450/750 and below the rubber insulated wire and cable

The voltage levels are: 300 / 300V, 300 / 500V, 450 / 750V

Implementation of the standard: GB5013.1 ~ .7-1997 JB8735.1 ~ .3-1998 (JB / T8735.1 ~ .3-1998)

Main models, the typical structure are: general strength rubber cord 245 IEC53 (YE) (equal area core), heavy rubber flexible cable 245 IEC66 (YEW) YC, welding machine cable 245 IEC81 (YH) braided cable 245 IEC51 (R) medium - sized rubber sheathed flexible cable YZ YZW

③ CCC Power Cord mining rubber flexible cable implementation of standards: GB12872-1991 (Note: industry standard MT818-1999, the implementation of coal security card, two certificates coexist)

④ AC rated voltage 3KV and below railway rolling stock wire and cable implementation of the standard: GB12528.1-1990 JB8145-1995

⑤ wire assembly standards: GB15934-1996 plug - wire and cable - connector

Among them: plugs, CCC Power Cord wire and cable should meet their respective product certification standards

Ccc power cord Note the problem:

A. Aluminum wire must be the implementation of industry standards, GB products are copper conductor conductor;

B. Models have-IEC-letter, the implementation must be the national standard; industry standards, the letter is used in the alphabet;

C. Rubber line in the non-section cable (such as three small structure) must be the industry standard;

D. The implementation of CCC certification and production license of different product categories, independent of each other, the current conflict, but the implementation of the license management products can apply for CQC logo certification (also known as voluntary certification);

E. Implementation of the CCC certification of the product model series of about 88, nearly 1,000 specifications, CCC Power Cord the product is simple and complex, the relevant technical issues related to the quality inspection agencies.

3, product consistency issues

Consistency control of the product is the main characteristic of CCC certification, which is different from other certification and administrative license

4, check the production of products (regardless of what brand) whether there is a certificate, CCC Power Cord the certificate marked on the production site is here