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Ccc Power Cord Standard
- May 31, 2017 -

Ccc power cord appearance standard, the power supply line must have CCC certification mark, manufacturer name and address, contact telephone, wire diameter, rated voltage, certification number, production date, inspector seal, and length. Ground with yellow-green insulation (two-color line). 2. If the copper conductor oxygen-free copper, insulation material should be flame retardant PVC or cross-linked PVC. 3. Sheath insulation (generally greater than 100MΩ) and compressive strength (1500V below 1500V). 4. Line resistance (a certain diameter, CCC Power Cord conductivity, length is not greater than a certain resistance). 5. High temperature impact 150 degrees, low temperature -30 degrees under the wire shall not be cracking and so on.

Ccc power cord - is the transmission current of the wire. Usually the way the current is transmitted is point-to-point transmission. Ccc power cord in accordance with the use can be divided into ac AC ccc power cord and click here to add a picture description dc DC ccc power cord, usually acccc power line is through the higher voltage AC wire, this kind of wire due to the higher voltage need uniform standard Access to safety certification can be formally produced. The dc line is basically through the lower voltage of the DC, CCC Power Cord so the safety requirements and no ac line strict, but for safety reasons, the current countries or require a unified safety certification.

How to choose ccc power cord

1, the standard problem

First of all need to understand your production of products, is sold to which country, different home, in the ccc power line standards have different requirements. Such as: to Europe, the product needs to have the EU vde certification, to the United States, the need for the United States ul certification, to Australia, Japan, Italy and many other countries have the relevant product certification requirements, CCC Power Cord the need to match the plug is not The same, if this is not sure, made out of the product you may not be able to use, so this is the primary problem.

2, ccc power line specifications and thick lines

Ccc power lines are divided into two cores and three cores, depending on the type of electrical appliances. Also classified specifications, such as the national standard has 52 lines (light PVC sheathed flexible cable) 53 lines (ordinary PVC sheathed flexible cable), vde points h03vv-f, h05vv-f and so on. And, ccc power cord is also divided into thickness, such as: 0.5mm2 0.75mm2 1.0mm2 1.5mm2, specifications and the thickness of the main wire according to the electrical power of the different, please refer to phase GB.

3, ccc power line color

This is mainly based on the color of the product may be, if your product is white, CCC Power Cord it should be accompanied by a white ccc power cord, coupled with a black ccc power cord, always not look good.

4, ccc the length of the power cord

Ccc power cord length is based on the user's use to determine, too long or too short, the user in the use of the process is not convenient.

Want a clear understanding of what customers need what kind of power plug line, and customers must communicate with the necessary time for customers to plug the sample,