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Cable Well Large High-rise Residential Fire Hazards Should Use Copper Cables
- Dec 20, 2016 -

For the frequent occurrence of such damages is not small fires, how to avoid fire hazards? In addition to the troubleshooting and repair of cable wells on a regular basis. Should also address the root causes of the problem: select fire-resistant high temperature resistant cables – copper cables. Code for electrical design of civil architecture of the JGJ16-2008 clearly states that buildings should use copper cables.

Indeed, in the area of disaster preparedness, response, and than another for residential cable material – aluminum cable, copper cables has incomparable advantages, is ideal for residential buildings and cable materials. First, copper cable high temperature resistance than aluminum cable. Fire-resistant cable requirements for use in high temperature environments at 750 ° c-1000 ° c can be maintained under the action of power features. Aluminium's melting temperature is 660 ° c, while copper is up to 1080 ℃. This high temperature properties of copper cables provide guarantees for the safety of the residents.

Secondly, it has strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of copper.