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Analysis On Material Of New Type Drag Chain Cables-resistant Polyurethane
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Polyurethane is a polymer chain containing many duplicates of-NH-CO0-group, often called polyurethane, referred to as Pu, TPU or PUR said. Due to its excellent features, has been widely applied in many fields. Polyurethane (TPU) as a wire and cable sheath material has the advantage of highlighting, is being gradually replaced by all kinds of synthetic rubber as the outer sheath of the cable should be used in a variety of harsh environments. Ann Barnett cable company technicians for such materials have been used, drawing Germany advanced drag chain cable manufacturing technology, through continuous testing and improvement of drag chain cable manufacturing technology. Ann Barnett cable company developed new cable drag chain systems use this material to make drag chain cables have a qualitative leap in quality, this new type of drag chain cables are not susceptible to the effects of various environmental factors, not because of external factors, like PVC which is aging hardening, not because of aging and stress cracking like PE, lead to lower cable electrical and environmental resistance. Drag chain cables with rubber-like polyurethane wear-resistant, soft, good endurance characteristics. Even in the case of low temperature-40 ℃, can still maintain good bending properties, even if bending with small bending radii are not cracked. Ann ' new cable suitable for drag chain systems in multiple transform operations in Super high bending stress of sustainable use. Using advanced cable technologies to improve the efficiency of the equipment, you will always be a step ahead of competitors.