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Wires and cables used errors
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Some users, even some common misunderstandings in the enterprise using wire and cable. Some users in order to save money, ignoring security, specifically those low prices, quality assurance, poor wires and cables of the accident. Due to security of wires and cables, and other factors, resulting in wire and cable prices does not meet the requirements of users. While some enterprises in the selection of materials, production technology, detection means are unable to manufacture of wires and cables that meet national requirements, its safety could not be guaranteed, plus short meters less fuss, to flood the market at low prices, caters to some users. So please don't go for cheap cables and wires.

Some users lack of knowledge of their electrical use, environmental conditions, wire and cable types used scope, requirements, performance, understanding and often pick the wrong model number. Some important sectors, high-rise buildings, Computing Center, chemical industry, and a concentration of places of public entertainment, and so on, are used with the function of fire flame retardant or fire resistant cable coal to provide for the use of coal in deep cables must have a flame retardant; like elevator cables, welding cables, motor lead wiring, have a special performance requirements. These special wires and cables with special requirements in actual use, some enterprises, especially private enterprises often lack of knowledge of them and refused to use, resulting in serious accidents.