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Wire and cable aging for several reasons
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Cable aging: external injuries. From the standpoint of operation analysis in recent years, especially in the sea of rapid economic development in the Pudong, now quite a lot of cable fault is caused by mechanical damage. For example: cable installation is not standard construction, likely to cause mechanical damage; in buried cables construction will easily run on cable damage and so on. • Sometimes if the injury is not serious, causes damage to several months or even years total breakdown fault, sometimes destroying the possibility of a serious fault, directly affecting the "tie boat alongshore j and electricity units of production.

Cable aging: insulation from moisture. This is also common, and generally occur in direct buried or pipe at the cable connector. For example: cable making qualified and in humid weather conditions do joints, joint water or mix with water vapor, r a long time in the electric field formation water tree, gradually damage the insulation of the cable caused failure.

Cable aging: chemicals. Direct buried cable in areas with acid-base interaction, tends to cause cable sheathing, lead or outer sheath corrosion and protective chemical or electrolytic corrosion due to long-term, resulting in failure of protective, insulated to reduce, also can cause cable failure. : The unit of cable corrosion situation is very serious