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What should you watch out for when installing a highly flexible towline cable?
- Jul 24, 2018 -

The first is that the laying of such a flexible cable cannot be distorted. If it is distorted, it will cause a lot of trouble for yourself. If it is not twisted, that is, it cannot be connected at the end of the cable reel or the cable reel, then the correct way is to rotate the cable reel to connect the cable. Slowly expand. This will ensure the normal operation of the cable. The second point to note is to ensure the dispersion of the cable during the installation work, that is, the cable can not be bundled together and live together. This phenomenon is proved in practice and is often easy to appear. A mistake, so it caught the attention. In the drag chain motion system, the first cable for power transmission material and signal transmission carrier is flexible cable. This cable is the most common and most commonly used cable, so many people call it differently. Many people call him a towline cable, a tow cable, a mobile cable, a robot, and so on. The use of flexible cables is very extensive, and the other is that these flexible cables are different from other common fixed installation cables. There are a lot of things to be aware of in the installation project.

Then the next thing to note is to ensure that the cable moves completely within the bend radius during installation. This means that the cable cannot be forcibly moved. If the cable is forcibly moved, it will cause great damage. After a period of operation after installation, it is also important to check the position of the cable to ensure its correct position. The last point is that the drag chain is broken during work and should be replaced in time.