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Power cord outer sheath performance
- Feb 28, 2019 -

The power cord plays an important role in our daily production. Its main function is to deliver current. If there is no power cord, then our world will be dark, the lights will not be able to light up, and many machines that need electricity will also Can not run. What kind of performance does the outer sheath of the power cord have to be the outer sheath of the power cord?

First, the outer sheath of the power cord should have good resistance to high and low temperatures. Summer and winter are two extreme seasons. In the world, the temperature difference between different regions is also very large. For example, in Africa, the temperature is generally unacceptable, so the power cords sold to Africa must have very high temperature resistance. For example, in the northern part of China, the temperature in winter is different from that in the south. Therefore, the power cord used in places where the temperature is minus ten degrees and twenty degrees in winter must have good low temperature resistance.

Second, the outer sheath material of the power cord must be environmentally friendly. Environmental protection is the primary priority. The environmentally-friendly outer sheath for industrial use of environmentally friendly materials will not pollute the environment, so power line manufacturers must use environmentally-friendly outer sheath materials.

Third, the life of the outer sheath of the power cord should not be too short. If the outer sheath of the power cord is used for too short a period of time, it will affect people's daily life and production. If it is used for a long time, it will avoid the problem of frequent replacement of the power cord. The power cord will not be aging due to the outer sheath. And there is such a problem. The outer sheath of the power cord acts to protect the inner core, so it is also necessary to understand the performance of the outer sheath of the power cord.


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