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How safe and rational use of wire and cable
- Dec 20, 2016 -

As wire and cable insulation and sheathing uses organic materials, these materials at temperatures above a certain range, will produce a burning or her fuel. Wires and cables in the long running case load, conductor itself and the heat insulation and sheathing layer produced local aging. In case of overload will accelerate its aging. If the insulation is not qualified or production problems are much easier to make it a local aging. Results will lead to the breakdown of aging, if breakdown will cause a short circuit between phases. Short circuit between phases of larger capacity in a very short period of time can lead to thousands of degrees of heat, enough to make around the fuel combustion.

Because wires and cables in the long running case load, insulation and sheathing layer has a certain temperature, a warm-up generally objects in front of the burning process, high temperature this procedure is not required, so more combustion conditions. Once the external fire, load of wires and cables are easier to ignite.

Fire caused both the cable itself is caused by external sources of ignition, burning up. In laying in electric shaft or trough of laying wires and cables are often bunched, and thermal radiation will be conducted among the burning, fire spread, and widespread flooding.