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Highly flexible cable performance requirements
- Jan 21, 2019 -

A linear motor is a driving device that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion kinetic energy by using the principle of electromagnetic action. It is an electric motor capable of realizing reciprocating linear motion.

Linear motors come from rotating electrical machines, both in terms of structure and working principle. The traditional CNC machine tool is a rotating motor + ball screw motion system, which drives the transmission mechanism through the rotation of the motor to convert the rotary motion into a linear motion. Due to the technical characteristics of the rotating machine, it is unable to meet the needs of high-precision machine tools. A linear motor is a kind of transmission that directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy, so that does not require any intermediate conversion mechanism.

From the working characteristics of the linear motor, it can be seen that the linear motor drive can provide higher speed and acceleration, as well as reduce mechanical wear and improve machining accuracy and repeatability. Since the linear motor is driven by electromagnetic thrust, the system noise is small and improved. The working environment. Thanks to these advantages of linear drive, it is very suitable for applications where dynamic characteristics and precise positioning are required.

Driven by high-acceleration and high-speed linear motors, the high-flex cable connected to the linear motor will follow the motor for high-acceleration, high-speed long-distance reciprocating motion, which requires the towline cable to withstand relatively large mechanical stresses, some of which are not A good towline cable is easy to withstand the mechanical stress under high-speed motion, so that the outer sheath is elongated during the acceleration of the motion and then rebounds during the motion deceleration, which will result in a comparison between the outer sheath and the conductor core. The large friction causes serious wear of the towline cable, abnormalities such as short-circuit of the core wire, cracking of the insulation/sheath, and the like, thereby affecting the normal operation of the machine and equipment.

Therefore, the high-flexible cable used in the linear motor drive system must be able to withstand strong mechanical stress, and secondly, the towline cable needs to be highly flexible, resistant to bending and wear.