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Factors that affect the price of cable
- Dec 20, 2016 -

1, the main raw material (copper) prices (Cu-CATH-2 (standard) Cu+Ag ≥ 99.95% standard: GB/t 467-1997):

"Identifying differences": price comparison method.

2, the main raw material (insulation material) prices:

"Identifying differences": price comparison method.

3, the main raw material (copper) material:

The "standard" national standard copper wire you should use electrolytic copper, its purity should be 99.9%. Copper core should conform to GB/T3956-1997 relevant provisions of the conductors of the cable.

"The actual situation" a lot of manufacturers using recycled copper, impurity is too high.

"Identifying differences": observation of copper color and hardness (bright, soft colors); check conductor resistance is qualified.