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Examiners testing requirements and methods (a loop of wire, cable)
- Dec 20, 2016 -

5.1 appearance quality

5.1.1 requirements 3.1.1

5.1.2 testing methods: take 3 laps in each class. Using Visual method to check.

5.2 logo

Requirements in 5.2.1: the logo should be correct on the cables and wires, signs shall conform to the provisions of the relevant standards, clear easy to spot and rub-resistant.

5.2.2 method: after 5.1 check of samples, using Visual method to check random checks 5 marks, wipe gently with a soaked cotton wool or cotton after 10, should remain legible handwriting.

5.3 to length, short segments and rings

5.3.1 requirements: 4.1.1