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Development and application of selecting method for sectional area of power cable
- Dec 20, 2016 -

Sectional area of power cable selection is a issue of great concern, because it is an electrical (power supply) is part of the design. Cable section selection is made according to traditional technology choices can be divided into 4 categories: ① selection allows the heating conditions, which allows the selection of current carrying capacity; II allows the voltage loss in calibration c short circuit thermal stability checking about sensitivity calibration. Another cable section selection is made according to current economic, due to the lack of basic data in the past, designers to start in this regard, and has not solved.

After becoming a WTO member in China, and also with international standards in the field of electrical design, being equal, equivalent adoption of an international standard to complement or replace the original standard. In terms of sectional area of power cable selection criteria, there are two great development in recent years, is the current national standards of low voltage cables (GB/T 1689515-2002) was born. It is identical with IEC 60364-5-523-1999, from March 1, 2003, this standard came out, fill the gaps in China's chronic lack of national standards in this area. Second, application of IEC 287-3-2-1995 the economic optimization of sectional area of power cable, which is economic choice.

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