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Cable power cord safety and waste reasons
- Dec 20, 2016 -

1 power cable operators must be trained in specialized technical training education, qualified and certified.

2 you must check the safety devices of the machine before driving over solid.

3 producer not stay stranded next to the cage.

4 upper and lower plate must be properly fixed dial operation.

5 machine operation when oiling, cleaning or repair the machine and lower walls.

6 forbidden or put anything in the machine tool.

7 machine when on machines or safety devices, prohibited to transfer any objects on top of the machine.

8 when a failure occurs, you should immediately stop and inform the team leader.

9 at the end or stop working, should immediately cut off the power cord plug.

Into cable line Shang has designated marks, in received line disc side Shang designated injury, received line disc loaded line cannot over disc side Board twisted line section from not meet, no level transform section from no regulation good, by process requirements through no level transform, and again Regulation section from line core broken unit, and times unit, received line disc and put line disc Zhijian of tension not match, regulation the received line disc and put line disc Zhijian of tension, makes of match received line disc row line power line level not are, row line silk Rod no lubricants, silk Rod wear big, timely refueling, please fitter repair.