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A method to prevent short circuits in flexible cables!
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Cables are widely used in life and production. I believe that everyone is no stranger to cables. But there are probably many people who don't know much about the use of cables. Flexible cable is a very important cable. It is widely used in the power industry. When using flexible cable, you should pay attention to some methods to prevent cable short circuit, which can greatly improve the efficiency of cable use. Edited for you to explain.

First of all, the flexible cable is a very soft wire, which is well known. Therefore, it should be avoided as much as possible during use. In the process of twisting, the cable inside may be broken, which may cause the circuit. The problem of short circuit, so don't over-reverse this is something that needs special attention.

Secondly, when installing, repairing and maintaining, you should select the appropriate wire and cable according to the actual situation. In different places of use, the types of flexible cables used may be different in different power system links. The installation method or the accessories used are also different, so it is necessary to strictly follow the power regulations.

In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening the maintenance management of flexible cables. It is necessary to conduct strict and detailed training for personnel who specialize in the management and use of flexible cables. It is necessary to reduce the factors considered to be damaged as much as possible in the usual management and use. In addition to this, the meter should be used to measure the insulation of the cable.

In addition, to select a suitable safety device, configure a high-quality safety mechanism, and use a fuse for circuit protection, the rated current of the melt needs to be less than 2.5 times the long-term allowable load current strength of the cable, so that it can be more efficient. Realize the value of the fuse and protect the circuit.

If the flexible cable circuit is automatically protected, the instantaneous current should be less than 4.5 times the long-term allowable load current of the cable. This should be debugged correctly during installation. It should also be noted that the fuse is mounted on the lead and cannot be mounted on the neutral of the transformer.