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Flexible cable installation and precautions
- May 07, 2018 -

The flexible cable is different from the ordinary fixed cable. Please refer to the following installation and precautions during installation:


1.The laying of the power cable must not be distorted. That is, the cable must not be unwound from either end of the cable reel or the cable reel. Instead, the reel or reel must be rotated to unwind the cable. If necessary, the cable can be unrolled or suspended. The cable used for this occasion can only be obtained directly from the cable roll

2.Must pay attention to the minimum bending radius of the cable.

3.Cables must be loosely laid side by side in the drag chain, separated as much as possible, and separated or penetrated into separate voids in the neutral space of the support. The gap between the cables in the drag chain should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.

4.The cables in the chain must not touch or be trapped together.

5.Both points of the cable must be fixed or at least fixed at the moving end of the chain. Both points of the cable must be fixed or at least fixed at the moving end of the chain.

6.Make sure that the cable moves completely within the bending radius, ie it cannot be forced to move. This allows the cables to move relative to one another or to the guide. After a period of operation, it is best to check the location of the cable. The inspection must be performed after pushing and pulling.

7.If the towline breaks, its cable also needs to be replaced because damage caused by overstretching cannot be avoided.